Top 5 Football Strikers Of All Time

Creating the list of the top 5 strikers of all time can be a very unforgiving job. There are so many great strikers through the more than 100 years of this beautiful game, every single person has their own favorites. When you think about it, it’s hard to create an objective list of the best strikers, but we will do out best. Don`t forget that you can have some strike of luck at where you will find lots of free bonuses too.

Alfredo Di Stefano

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He played active from 1945 to 1966. Alfredo di Stefano is most famous for big contribution during Real Madrid`s unstoppable dominance in European Cups after their creation in 1955. He was top scorer in European Cup twice, in 1958 and 1962. He is still second all-time goalscorer in Real Madrid with amazing 305 goals in 392 appearances. He also won the Ballon d`Or in 1957 and 1959. At the international level, he played for few countries, Argentina, Spain, and Columbia.

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