Is England back to its best?

Maybe, just maybe we should stop looking back at the good ‘ol days of football. I know, I know. Our site is called football nostalgia. That’s the whole point, right? In a way. But maybe, only for today, we could forget about the great football history and congratulate the England youth.

Is This Really a Golden Generation for England?

Yes, England U-17 are the world Cup winners. We’ve seen some spectacular performances from the youngsters. So much so, most pundits call it the next golden generation of England football 


england U-17 team winning

What we should keep in mind that times change. We like to compare the players of today with the legends of yesterday. And even more so we like to complain about ungrateful players that were spoiled by the million-dollar contracts.

But maybe that’s OK?

We are not perfect either. If we would be followed by cameras all day long, reporting on us in the pubs, watching us playing games on a free video slots site, we also wouldn’t come out in the best light.

Will History Repeat Itself? 

Besides, football is an ongoing circle. The rise of attacking tactics is followed by rising demand for strengthen defenses. And it goes on and on. However, while football sometimes may seem like the same song played on repeat, every decade leaves us with legends. Whether it’s the late Bobby Moore, Gianluigi Buffon or someone like Harry Kane or Sergio Aguero, who will arguably become legends of football.

bobby moore

For over a decade, some will say for 5 decades, England has not had much success in international cups. And now we have a moment to rejoice for the England youngsters.

Does that mean England has a new golden generation. Maybe, maybe not.

But that doesn’t mean they will be the same players of the 50s, 60s or 70s. After all, football has changed tremendously. Big contracts are a part of footballer’s life now, while international cups were always a great platform to boost your career.

In any case, like the whole nation, we cannot be happier about the youngsters. And if there’s one thing sure is that this will be a very exciting team to watch.

And we know how passionate football fans are and that they have good intentions. But inevitably, these kids will lose some games. So we should do what we do best, support.

Our job as fans is to support, to stand behind the decisions and results of our clubs. We don’t know everything. We act as if we do, but sometimes we can’t even agree watching the same slow motion footage.


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