Top 5 Football Strikers Of All Time

Creating the list of the top 5 strikers of all time can be a very unforgiving job. There are so many great strikers through the more than 100 years of this beautiful game, every single person has their own favorites. When you think about it, it’s hard to create an objective list of the best strikers, but we will do out best.

Ferenc Puskas

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Ferenc Puskas played from 1943 to 1966. He is still one of the top scoring players of all time with 514 goals in 529 league games. With him, Hungary was able to win 1952 Olympics and go to the finals of the 1954 World Cup. He was also named as the best player of the tournament. Puskas was also a major component of the Real Madrid`s dominance in the 60s. Puskas won eight individual scoring awards and also won ten national league titles with Spanish and Hungarian clubs, and he also won three European Cups.

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